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Kodak Star 105ZD Battery Charger, Battery Charger for Kodak Star 105ZD, 1 year warranty, please click here if you are in UK or Ireland
Kodak Star 105ZD Charger
Kodak Star 105ZD Battery Charger, Battery Charger for Kodak Star 105ZD

100% brand new

1 year warranty

Kodak Star 105ZD Charger, Star 105ZD Battery Charger

Item no: CBFR006LB-62682-3800
Price: 41.06
Item no.

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Super-Long Standy Time Guaranteed! 1 year warranty, 30 Days Money Back!

    1, This is a special charger produced in our company. It is prohibited to charge the one-off Lithium battery that bought in the market or supermarket, (such as 2CR5, CR-V3, CR-P2, CR2, CR123A, etc). Or it will crack and catch fire. Moreover, the rechargeable battery can only be charged with our charger!

    2, This Product includes 1 charger and 2 pcs of RCR2 rechargeable batteries.

  • Li-ion Battery Charger Only, Input: 100-240AC, Output: DC 3.7V/7.3V

    This charger can only charge this battery and the battery must be charged with this charger.

  • Length: 79.95 x 49.87 x 51.60mm


Kodak Star 105ZD Battery Charger can charge your camcorder / digital camera battery, the Kodak Star 105ZD Charger is designed to be 100% manufacturer compatible with Kodak OEM part numbers and use in Kodak models.

1. 100% original manufacturer compatible
2. Guaranteed to meet or exceed original specifications
3. Over-discharge protection
4. 15 days money back, 1 year warranty


Kodak Star 105ZD Charger Feature:

Replacement Part No.#:

Compatible Below Models:

Click hear to see other models this item can fits

Instruction Manual for your Kodak Star 105ZD Battery Charger:


  1. If the charger supply cord is damaged have it replaced by a qualified person.
  2. Do not charge a leaking battery.
  3. Do not use machines, attachments and chargers for works other than those for which they are designed.
  4. Only connect the charging device to an AC supply.
  5. Only charge batteries with the appropriate charging device - as specified in these instructions.
  6. The charger must be protected from moisture.
  7. Do not use the charger outside.
  8. Do not short out the contacts of charger.
  9. Respect the polarity "+/-" when charging.
  10. When charging batteries, ensure that the battery charger is in a well-ventilated area and away from flammable materials. Batteries can get hot during charging. Do not overcharge any batteries. Ensure that batteries and chargers are not left unsupervised during charging.

Other information:

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Kodak Star 105ZD Battery Charger, Battery Charger for Kodak Star 105ZD

Kodak Star 105ZD Battery Charger, Battery Charger for Kodak Star 105ZD